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Baby Pritam



“Khushboo, I think we'll also have to skip dinner today. I don't have enough money to buy a meal for us.

Whatever little I had, was spent in buying Pritam’s medications this morning.” My husband said with a pained and defeated look as he scraped through his empty wallet.

I wasn't surprised or shocked in the least bit after hearing that even today we had to sleep on an empty stomach. For the past few months, that's how we've been surviving. Skipping meals every alternate day to afford our son Pritam’s medications and hospital expenses.

Nothing alarms me or shocks me anymore. Nothing makes me fear the worst anymore for I have already seen and experienced the worst nightmares of my life.

The nightmare of soon losing my 3-year-old son to deadly cancer, if he doesn't get urgent treatment.

A few years ago, Pritam was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a deadly type of eye cancer that can lead to loss of eyesight and at times, even life. Initially, when my baby boy was diagnosed with vicious cancer, I somehow gathered myself and vowed to protect him and save him with all my might. And all these years, my husband and I did just that…until today.

Even though my Pritam has faced a lot since he was born, destiny plans to further snatch away his eyesight and soon enough his life if we don't come up with the money for his treatment. For the time being, the doctors have said that they might have to remove Pritam’s affected eye to stop the spread of the disease. But for them to do that, they will require a whopping INR 4,00,000.00.

A poor labour and housewife- my husband and I simply don't have the means to come up with this huge amount of money in such little time.

We don't even have anyone to whom we can plead for help, we are helpless and poor.

Therefore, I urge you to help us. My son's time is limited without urgent treatment. But you can change it. By donating to him, you can give him his life back.

Please donate and help me give my son a chance at experiencing life.

Your contribution will definitely make you feel proud that you are saving the life of a child, let’s join hands for this responsible cause, as together we can!

Helping the poor is not charity but it is our moral and social responsibility.

It might be you will forget about this help in days but his family will always remember you in their prayers and their blessings will always make your life flourish and also take care of your family.

Come forward and help us save lives and help the needy.

This problem before us is a mammoth one. But one that can be solved.

All it needs is for each one of us to come together and do everything in our power to contribute to a sustainable solution.

Come forward and help us save lives and help the needy.

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