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Baby Chitra


Baby Chitra Suffering From Hole in Heart

My name is Amar Lakhera, and I write to you today with a sense of urgency and desperation that weighs heavily on my heart. As a father, I find myself in a position where I must reach out for help once again, for the sake of my beloved daughter, Chitra.

Chitra, my sweet and innocent five-year-old, has been battling a congenital heart defect—a hole in her heart—for as long as she has been with us. Despite our best efforts and the treatments she has undergone, her condition remains critical, and her tiny heart continues to struggle.

As a humble salesman at a local bangle shop, my earnings barely suffice to provide for the basic needs of my family. With Chitra's escalating medical expenses, I find myself grappling with a burden that I cannot bear alone. The fear of losing my precious daughter looms over me like a dark cloud, threatening to shatter the fragile semblance of normalcy that we strive to maintain.

Three years ago, I turned to your foundation in a moment of desperation, hoping against hope for a chance to save Chitra's life. Your generosity provided a glimmer of hope in our darkest hour, and for that, I will be eternally grateful. However, as fate would have it, Chitra's journey to recovery has been fraught with obstacles, and we find ourselves in need of assistance once again.

I am not a man accustomed to asking for charity, but as a father, I would move mountains to save my daughter. Every beat of her heart is a testament to the strength and resilience that she possesses, but it is a battle that she cannot fight alone. We need your help to give Chitra the fighting chance that she deserves.

I understand that times are tough for everyone, and resources may be limited. However, I humbly implore you to consider extending your hand once again and joining us in this fight for Chitra's life. Your kindness can make the impossible possible and turn our despair into hope.

Please, donate today, and help us ensure that Chitra can experience a future full of promise. Your support will mean more to us than words can express. Thank you for being the lifeline that Chitra desperately needs.

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